CHAY BIGGER PHOTO | Bothell Senior Photography - Nathan at Bothell Landing

Bothell Senior Photography - Nathan at Bothell Landing

September 07, 2017

I'm going to be honest...I love my senior guy shoots!!  

Without fail, I've heard from just about every mom..."He's doing this for me."  And I get it!  It's intimidating to be in front of a camera.

But once they see how lo-key things are, how the posing directions are easy to follow, and then they get to see their shots on the back of my camera - they totally relax.

I consider it the highest praise when I hear a young man tell his mom..."That wasn't so bad!"  :)

Here's Nathan, and I'm not joking when I say he's pretty much a math genius.  He enjoys Rubik's Cubes (which he's more than mastered!) and computers, and in fact, last year he built his own desktop computer.  Doesn't it tell you something about a guy's brightness when his school asks him to help maintain their 3-D printer?? 

Nathan's not sure what colleges he will be applying to but he's definitely considering a career working with computers.  Whatever he gets into, this guy is going to excel!

Here's to an awesome senior year Nathan!!

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