CHAY BIGGER PHOTO | Tacoma Senior Photographer - Josh's Woodland Adventure

Tacoma Senior Photographer - Josh's Woodland Adventure

September 27, 2017

Josh officially wins the prize for Most Adventurous senior shoot of the year, hands down! 

We decided to meet at his favorite park and for some reason, I decided to wear athletic clothes and my tennis shoes to this shoot...NOT my typical wardrobe choice for shoots at all.  But what a blessing that last minute decision turned out to be, because when we arrived at the location, I learned that we would be hiking into the woods to find a very special spot for his first pics. 

Well, 'Hiking into the woods' ended up involving a serious scramble up a sheer, loose dirt, cliff face, and I'm telling you...had there not been a few strategically placed tree roots, I seriously would not have made it!  Josh was up it in literally 2 seconds, carrying a big backpack and props.  Kudos to his mom for making this same scramble, as well as to my assistant Danyel (with camera gear on her back even!). 

You might recognize Josh from his friend Niko's senior shoot awhile back...the fun military shots in the open field?  Josh kept with the military theme for his first pics, but definitely upped the game this time around by adding a new prop...the classic Patton cigar!  The great thing about all this is that Josh actually plans on going into the military after graduation.  He's thinking about the Navy, the same branch his grandfather served in.  HOOYAH!! :)

Congratulations Josh - hope your Senior Year is the best yet!

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