CHAY BIGGER PHOTO | Destination Senior Shoot with Danyel in Hawaii - Bellevue Senior Photographer

Destination Senior Shoot with Danyel in Hawaii - Bellevue Senior Photographer

September 03, 2017

Destination senior shoot?  Sure, why not!

We had the opportunity to visit the gorgeous island of Kauai this third visit and my family's second.  The light, the colors, the backgrounds - all were amazing, and made this the perfect place for a a very special senior shoot.

I tried something different and decided to rent camera gear instead of bringing my own.  A great decision and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Hawaii Camera, located on Oahu, rents all sorts of professional gear and conveniently ships to all the other islands for incredibly reasonable prices.  I chose the basic Nikon wedding package rental for 3 days, which included a Nikon D600, battery charger, a 24 - 70mm 2.4 lens, and even a small 8MB memory card.  (I brought along my card reader and laptop and just downloaded images as I went along, but I have to admit...I maxed that card out twice while shooting, and wished in hindsight that I'd brought a larger one myself!) 

Delivery was a piece of cake.  They shipped it to the Fed Ex at the Lihue airport (a whopping 10 minutes away from where we were in Kapaa), and once I was done, I re-packed the box, slapped on the shipping label and dropped it back off on the third day.  So easy!!  Nothing but great things to say about the whole experience :)

Dan decided she wanted to go for a sun-drenched beach feel for part of her shoot, then move on to quaint downtown Kapaa, and finish up at the stunning Limahuli Garden & Preserve on the north end of the island.  The Gardens are AMAZING and boast 700 year old terrace walls built by the Hawaiians...the perfect backdrop for someone who loves history!

Her future plans include applying to the UW, UNC (dream school!), and Dartmouth (just for fun...she'd like to be able to say she got accepted into an ivy-league school!)  Dan always considered medicine as a career path, but is re-thinking this after high school math classes - ha!  Other possible choices would be history or political related careers.  Her high school accomplishments include being in the National Honor Society throughout, being a member of the Student Committee for the past couple years, volunteering summers at Virginia Mason Hospital, shadowing in the medical field, and performing in multiple main stage theater productions.  She's been playing piano for about 8 years and has composed several original pieces.

Her life quote is from The Lord of the Rings..."Frodo:  I wish the Ring had never come to me.  I wish none of this had happened.  Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide.  All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."