CHAY BIGGER PHOTO | Bellevue Senior Photographer - Chase Downtown Bellevue

Bellevue Senior Photographer - Chase Downtown Bellevue

October 25, 2017

Chase was such a sweet guy to work with!  We went for the urban vibe with his shoot in one of my favorite shooting spots downtown Bellevue.  

Chase plays JV/Varsity with the currently undefeated Woodinville Falcons football team as a wide receiver/corner back.  He is also an encyclopedia of football facts, statistics, and who’s who in football.  

Currently football is in the forefront since he has meetings, practices, workouts or games Monday - Saturday.  Another benefit from football is having a great physique.  Yes, he’s proud of his guns (and rightly so!!).  

Chase also sings with the high school chamber choir, and has a love for all things Frank Sinatra.  Since 5th Grade Chase has shown a love for history, and he plans to study history to become either a junior high/high school teacher.  He attributes his love for history from when he began reading a series in the 2nd grade called Story of the World (excellent series...we used it ourselves!), and he has benefited from being inspired from each of his history teachers.  

As far as college, his first choice is University of Montana, and possibly Central Washington University.  

Fun facts about Chase's shoot:

#1 He totally got photobombed by a gorgeous blonde

#2  I left my camera bag with my 85mm lens outside and completely forgot about it - eeek!  I'm too dependent on my trusty assistant to help me keep things together obviously!! :P

Congrats Chase - it was a pleasure to work with you and you're sure to go far!!


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