Jessica and Jeremiah's Ceremony, Bride and Groom Portraits, and Reception

August 30, 2016

Here are the last of the images from J & J's amazing day. 

I learned so much from photographing this wedding, but one of biggest lessons was that being the second shooter caused me to use angles completely different from those I would normally shoot.  The results are unique - people lined up diagonally versus flat to the camera plane, subjects that aren't looking directly at me (or maybe only one cute), or taken from lower angles, so that I wasn't in the way of the primary shooter.  From a creative standpoint, all this is exciting to me - sometimes you can fall into a rut with your style, so it's important to keep things fresh.  I wonder if this scenario of approaching your art in a new way is where that phrase 'working a new angle' comes from? :)

By the way, the images of the bride and groom getting a little misty eyed during the toasts are some of my absolute favorites. The friend giving that particular toast was talking about a very dramatic moment during one of their firefighting experiences where he and Jeremiah didn't know if they would make it out alive.  So emotional!